Saturday, May 12, 2007

Grown up, your only choice?

This article would have been an excellent speech had it not been advocated in front of group of students who, some of them, may be registered as jobless the first day after their graduation. Those audiences have been dreaming of having a good job after they graduate from college. Many of them came from country side, where their parents (people live in the city call them peasants) working hard at the land as to be able to fed up their appetite - tuition, books, MP3 and chances for kiss. And if luckily, they may borrow some from relatives who may left any in their own pockets. Fortunately, those who are working on the field, where our daily foods come from, are no longer required to pay tax, since it's totally wiped off from their dictionary, where some of their legitimate rights as their neighbors have are still to be found. (It's said scope of work was drafted)

And for those come from city, it's hard to persuade them again to go to the broaden countryside as a means of spiritual exercises, after which they maybe mentally stronger enough to withstand the sugar-bullet from the westerns. Those students were told since they went to elementary school by their teachers that they can't be regarded as good students (they might even couldn't get good enough appraisals at the end of semesters for not have a dream) unless they told their teachers that they were dreaming of being a scientist or teacher or professor or PLA man when they grow up. However, it appears that we yet to know and realize when we made up our want-to-be, there are still some other things to consider, like housing, medicare, rather than paper-appaisals.

Yes, I have to admit that it's changing so fast, more than you can imagine, faster than you plan it. All of a sudden, a young beautiful lady now is telling them that the word "success" is not defined yet, even though the person like her who have hundreds of millions of $$$s, running business, shows off on TV whenever she like, and important is, kept doing charities, ... still doesn’t know what the definition of SUCCESS is, simply because it has various meanings that it's not possible to fix it. ... ...!!!


We have been complaining about our nation for not having innovations and high techs, and how could we expect we can change by those who don't know what the "success" is !?
Believe me, Yang Lan is more than capable of presenting us a speech under the same topic. This is not a easy job for her.

However, it did took time as she mentioned in her speech to be grown up. She couldn't be "Mature" without her first marriage. Quoted as saying: "当时我没有特别明白到底想要什么,我自己对自己的发现比较晚,人还是有成长的烦恼。我的很多同龄人都有类似的经历,但发现自己后重新兑现自己,重新找到爱情实在不容易,不少人婚是离了,却再也没有找到想要的。这点我很幸运。"

On the other hand, after listening the speech, many Chinese young people would then be more excusably Premature for their behavior, so that they are no longer need to be waiting to grow up as then to be mature, that will otherwise make them feel regretful for what they chose. Because they are now told not to focus on "success" but enjoying the process.

Kind of this tone in her speech just reminded me of the then hard time during SARS in Beijing, emails from project top management, told us (no phone calls, at least to us) that we local guys should be taking care of by ourselves, and for ourselves, as to survive the difficulties yet precious EXPERIENCES that we would be assured cherishing after the chaos. I think all the locals stayed at Beijing are still cherishing it, at least when we get together memorizing the time we went through.

Definitely, this new speech will ease and comfort our young guys' restlessness that has been continuously simmering under China's dynamic and dramatic changes.


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