Thursday, November 24, 2005

Truth Unveil Needs Time

Some times, you have to, even without being aware of, to wait for what you really need to know, as to save your life.

It took eight days for the public, those residents live in Harbin, one of the largest city in Northern China, to know that they will have to live a life without water for at least four days. The region was warned by the Local authority on 21st of November that the water supply to the city would be cut off for a Big maintenance.
Amid the resident's scare buying of bottled water or any liquid, like milk as to feed up the body rather by the local media's stuffs, there came the Truth. At second day, Harbin government acknowledged officially, that local water supply system was to shut off due to the concern for the public health that would be potentially affected by the lethal contaminants, released by the explosion of a petrochemical plant, located 380KMs upstreams of the city.
That plant exploded on 13rd of Nov.

That's to say, it took nine days for the public to reach the truth, on which their lifes would be relying.

Had it not for the sake of running speed of the contamination BENZENE slick, flowing towards downstream, which will hit the Ice City in nine days after the explosion, nobody knows how long would it take for the authority to change the statement of Maintenance to the Contamination.

Don't know whether the annual Ice-Festival in Harbin will still be celebrated or not. One thing we should feel luck, that no incident on BENZENE contamination in Harbin happened yet, thanks to the authorities' qucik emergency response system, one of the official interview said.

Don't know the Ice-Carve this winter time in Harbin will still be stunning as it was, really hope contaminants won't smear the surface. The light decorations on the carves make them shinning at night. People will be scared without lights among the sculptures, more than feeling cold, 'cause darkness will turn the bright snow-make figures looking frightened.

Without light, no Ice-City. Without snow, no Ice-Carve. Without both, no celebrity.

Truth unveils needs time.

At least we know this time, that it take nine days for water to travel from Jilin to Harbin, in winter time.

However, we yet to wait and to testify, how long will it take for us coming out of Winter of Trust-Crisis on official media.

The high-tech make us realised and awakened in a prompt manner in this time of event. People shared their directions on light, as well as their sentiment even hatred on clouds, everybody knows it will be passing through, like slick of BENZENE.

The brand new Harbin will be showing off the world, for sure!


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