Thursday, October 20, 2005

Supergirls PK Superman

To compare these two is to commit a sin, to Superman.

Though in linguistic aspect, Super Girls may lead you to remind of Superman, by only substituting Girls for Man. Unfortunately, realistically, it never can. Girls had been off the stage, willing or not, physically and mentally, since it caught the attention of National Media.
Whatever Girls carried to public, either awakening to the public for participation of the public event by their own willingness, or the joy for freedom and accomplishment achieved by releasing and demonstrating themselves in a no-frill way, by sending "message of support" not been instructed and oriented.

All these are too much to our innocent Girls who are too premature to be burdened and also too much to our public.
"But unfortunately not all the opportunities lead to happy endings, though the girls have sung to their hearts' content, some ended up with sadness, or even, tragedy. It is reported that a 15-year-old girl from central China's Hunan Province who dreamed of becoming Super Girl but dissatisfied with her figure died of organ failure caused by hunger."---cited from the net

I believe it must have taken years of hard work for Superman, The Man of Steel, Nicolas Cage, before got acknowledged by public and thus chased and set up as a model. He is still taking a dominant control on some aspects of positive public images like firm withstanding the paralysis on wheelchairs, and kept optimistic over the threat of fate. He couldn't FLY any more but sitting on chair, whilst his images flew across the world among people regardless their age and fashion tendency.
Influence by this type of American idol-style is never to be achieved by our Girls, though their sponsors intended to.

Well, it's enough.
The episode is over, curtain is fall.

Go back to school, truant players, lift up a bit the pants, to cover the red transparent underwears, though it's Super.


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