Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Like always, any thing broadcasted from CCTV incured hot comments, and so it was to our Olympic Mascot unveilling. I don't want to re-iterate what others say in their post, since you could access by yourself. However, I myself may feel somewhat comfortable by writting these down.

---Mascot, "A person, animal, or object believed to bring good luck, especially one kept as the symbol of an organization such as a sports team."
---"Since the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France the Olympic Games have a mascot, usually an animal native to the area or occasionally human figures representing the cultural heritage."

Normally, there was just one mascot for the game, representing their national attribute or ethnic characteristic or just the simplicity of the Olympic Game; occasionally two, if they have multil attributes, seldom three, if they are abundant in characteristics, rarely four,... ...! and historically FIVE, that for 2008, from China.

Vast land with huge group deserve this. To help you to remember and understanding renditions The Five carrys, take some time:

---"They represent the enthusiasm and aspirations of our people"---which one?
---"They reflect the cultural diversity of China as a multiethnic country"---five is enough?
---The mascots were presented as Bei Bei, Jing Jing, Huan Huan, Ying Ying and Ni Ni - which, put together reads in Chinese "Beijing welcomes you!"---Western to learn Chinese,and take exams: TOCFL
---Panda, fish, Tibetan antelope, swallow and the Olympic flame, each one the color of one of the Olympic rings.---Yes
---Coloured in the five hues of the Olympic rings, the mascots also represent the sea, forests, fire, earth and air.---How & Which?
---Panda, fish, Tibetan antelope, swallow and the Olympic flame, representing happiness,prosperity,health,fortune, enthusiasm.---OK

Take care, Don't miss them up.!

Would be better if simplified.

Pretty sure will be appeared in National Examination, for blank filling...hahaha...
Pretty sure enterprises would be asked to show their patriotisms later on...

This can be deemed as a succeful balance to parties and satisfied, however, what we need most is not only to expose and present our Mascots to the outside world, the most important is to be financially balanced inside. And this is what The Five really intendedly undertakes. For this, five is not even enough. We Chinese people, like our nation, deserved to be blessed by much more than FIVE heritages.

May God bless the historical record profits be reaped by this historical number of Mascots, at least for the sake of our comperes, who have been showing, naively, yet not innocently, professionally tirelessly , audiences bunches of Panda-related images, even interviews carried out in ChenDu, where National Panda Research Institute stays, as well as Q&As interpreting why we can't chose our Panda ... ...Yes, like they said, Panda has already finished his role in Asian Games many years ago, it might be inappropriate ( or even China could be considered lack of species from which to choose) being chosen again.

But why,repeatedly, I got the same presentation ... ...!? I was nearly stunned when switched back right after unveiling, just to find those three comperes waving Mascots, ! I won't be feeling shame if you say i am a fool for can't find the trick that they did have known the answer.!

Panda or not, it's not the problem. Yet something gotta be improved.

Ah..!..., this time, I cried out for Peak!


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