Thursday, April 27, 2006

Who Stole my Crude Oil?

Farce on defining the trip as a "State Visit" has just been over. It appeared that our Chineseness Gov. doesn't care the delegation didn't have "State Banquet" at States. 'Cause they know the following three stops will offer not only 'official dinner' but also their State Oil. It must be very delicious enjoying meals mixed with Oil.

Bush probably was knocked out right after Hu's departure towards Saudi Arabia, knowing that alongside his Arab visit, our African friends will be welcoming him as well. So, yesterday, (25th.Apr.2006) he ordered three federal agencies to investigate whether companies are manipulating the cost of gasoline.

He knows he can't stop other countries from selling crude to China, just as other US trade partners can't stop America from pegging political add-ins to their deals. He is also well aware of the fact that despite China and India has been constantly under the criticism under the westerns for sucking up crudes, they are still continuing, and even broadening the pipe to the other polary. And the war on terrior, mainly focused on Iraq seems to achieve a breakthrough these days, but not that quick enough as to drag down the price.

Therefore, by this logic, his speech make sense.

In his speech, he said the administration will suspend the shipments to the nation's Stragegic Petroleum Reserve as to boost supply and thus hold down oil prices. He explained that the current federal petroleum reserve is sufficient enough to withstand any incident (I yet to make sure the exact words he used) till end of this year.

Here comes the point !
That means even by his short-term cut-off of reserve, will America be released from gasoline-pain. This is to CONFESS rather than to acknowledge that U.S also contributed to the shortage of crude, not only China and India!

Whether or not this will be effective, in a long run or a short run, we will see.

What i can see so far, is Bush Administration is using, in near future, their Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which had been built to tackle with the Hurricane as well as to confront the so-called threats from 'other countries' , for his Mid-term election. And this is really tactic than strategic!

Within monthes, Republic will be facing hecklers from Democrats together with the America public for the death tolls in Iraq, effectiveness of measures on reducing trade deficit, and soaring gasoline price. And GOP, apparently, don't want the gasoline price, which has been diverted from tea-topic to rein-in competence, become the last straw on the Brokeback Mountain.

As how to allay the Amercan's upset on gasoline before end of this year when strategic-suspend take effect, fortunately/unfortunately, this job goes to Mr. Tony Snow.

Will Mr. Snow be able to standing firm to extinguish the Public fuel?
... ...
This is a challenge, for both Tony and Bush.


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