A Whole New World

Monday, February 06, 2006

Give IT a chance ... ...

What's IT?

Democracy is.

Bush should thanks to the Cartoons that caused fresh riots over the countries who published caricatures depicting Prophet Mohammed. For he's been slashed by the domestic media for tramping the Civil right in wiretapping case. By doing that, Mr. Big Brother was even asked of impeachment. 'Cause he ruinned the root on which Americans and their country been rooted for centuries.
That root, or foundation is: freedom, means not being offended or wiretapped or insulted or whatever by which is banned by the LAW.
He did it, so he's been chased. But lucky enough to keep his farm from being ablazed by those who felt been wiretapped.

From the beginning of 2006, headlines drew him out of hot water, so that he could afford time for his State of Union, that again strengthen the democarcy as well as freedom that one of his western allies, which famous for its openess, in speech and sex, has also made 'great' and proved troublesome efforts to testify whether the way deen intrudeed is right or wrong.

Both of Americans and westerns are claiming Freedom of speech over the issue. The former were backlashed by the homeland security, while the later have been suffering outrages on defending the dignity.

To insult someone or make someone feels been so, is dangerous. That was why the freedom of speech established. To protect people and ensure the society remaining stable. Not just to say what you want to without considering the insult that would be potentialy incured.

Democracy is where all kinds of freedom stand, which means all parties has the right to express their feelings along with rights to protect them, legaly. But unfortunately, not all the time the very action thought to be legaly induced as to protect the Civil Right is backed up by the law. And that's so-called democracy should work out.

Democracy is the way of the doing not to take the advantages of the weakness.
However, it's not easy to implement the saying.
'Cause by doing so, you may lose your power...

That's what politicians had been struggling for through their lives.
That's why wars had been made, left homeless and disasters, all printed in histories, (might have somewhere somewhat clipped and pasted-up), to which later politicians would refer their democracy.

Let's see what happens next.